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Ariel was born in Argentina and spent his teenage years in Italy. Moving to the UK to study he has lived and worked in London for over 15 years.

It was during his degree in Contemporary Arts that photography became his main focus, here he developed a style and learnt the techniques of film photography.

Ariel spent his early career assisting Photographers before quickly moving into the Film Industry where he has been ever since. Many years in the Camera Department has taken him across the world working on Documentaries, Features, commercials and Dramas.

As a 1st Assistant camerraman Ariel has worked with great DOPs, Directors and Creatives while forming his own direction and shooting style. Over the years he has worked with a variety of equipment and shooting formats, which is reflected in this technical knowledge and ability. Ariel has recently progressed into shooting where he has been able to marry this knowledge with his long established love for lighting and visual composition.

Ariel currently works primarily shooting in Documentary. His love for photography goes beyond his work and he still practises street photography and develops and prints in the darkroom.


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